We offer EMR/EHR application by using Bizmatics PrognoCIS Solution (2011 CCHIT Certified and qualifies for stimulus reimbursement) you will be able to reduce the upfront costs associated with implementation of EHR applications and costly technology fees. Our system will work if you are a small or large solo practice or a multi Podiatrist practice.

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We understand the importance of having accurate, complete notes that actually match what you billed. Our trained Podiatric Transcriptionist has the experience necessary to transcribe and create notes from your dictations that will give you peace of mind from RAC audits. We will utilize your EHR to create the note within the medical record NOT as a scanned document.

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Medical Billing


We have experienced Podiatric Billers that have had the opportunity of working one on one with our on staff Podiatrist to achieve maximum billing and reimbursements for each claim. We can bill for all services that you provide in your office including your DME products.

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Podiatrist Credentialing

Podiatrist Credentialing IMAGE INDEX PAGE

Podiatrist credentialing can be time consuming and very frustrating. Our trained staff can handle this task for you so you can feel confident your contracts are complete and up to date.

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Our Mission:

Streamlining Maximum Efficiency to Increase Revenue Without Compromising Quality of Care.

This company was created from our own trials and tribulations of growing a multi practice office. We have created a system that will completely streamline office work flow to Increase Revenue and Decrease expenses.

We have proven it works, and are willing to share this with you. We offer a very easy way for doctors to be able to implement an EHR without having down time. We will also utilize your EHR to create billings so no charges are missed. Using our system you will be able to reduce the upfront costs associated with implementation of EHR applications and costly technology fees therefore this will dramatically reduce the fixed investment required as with other options. In addition you would require fewer administrative staff, complicated hardware, and the overhead associated with managing each of these departments. Over the years working with Podiatrists we have found that there are so many companies that take advantage of doctors. Most doctors do not have someone to protect them from this type of nonsense so that is what we want to offer you. We want you to be able to get an EHR, Billing Company, IT Company, Transcription service and any other services we can offer to keep you from being taken advantage of. We will be open and completely honest with you at all times. Our goal is to always offer each client a very simple transition with little or no down time. We will not ask you to sign ANY contract, if you are not happy with our services for ANY reason we will provide you with a copy of your data with no questions asked. We want to earn your commitment not force it upon you. Therefore before you make your final decision all we ask is for you to take a look at what we offer. You will be eligible for stimulus, Decrease your vulnerability to RAC audits and will remain compliant with all rules and regulations.

Security, Sincerity and Simplicity is what we can offer.

What we do

  • Increase Revenue
  • Decrease Expenses
  • Decrease Vulnerability to RAC Audits
  • Decrease Dependability on Key Employees
  • Increase Efficiency
  • Increase Time with Patients
  • Increase your Peace of Mind
  • Low Upfront Cost EHR
  • No Down Time
  • Qualifies for Stimulus
  • Decrease Time Spent on Notes and Billing
  • Security of Your Data
  • PrognoCIS EHR IS 2011 CCHIT Certified
  • Billings Created Within Your Notes
  • Quick claim turn around (some as quick as 5 days)